Sunday, August 25, 2013

Joyce Kilmer Part 2

This picture doesn't do this tree justice! Luckily Terry used to wide angle lens to get the shot.
We had to watch for fallen limbs on the trails.
Perfect round hold in this rock.
I'm pretty sure this is the tree where Tony's ashes will be scattered.

This fern covered boulder was at the end of the trail.


Jane said...

That is such a beautiful place! Would love to visit some day. I had assumed that Joyce Kilmer was a woman, but after reading that plaque, I'm thinking not! :) Enjoyed the pics.

Kay R. said...

Love all these pics. Those trees are pretty awesome. I guess I figured Kilmer was a woman, too, but never thought much about it. I like that poem. Looks like a great place to commune with nature.

Ann S. said...

I always thought Joyce Kilmer was a woman too. I did some research before our trip. He was killed during WWI. A true American hero and poet. So glad we got to go there!