Friday, August 23, 2013

Anniversary Trip to Sky Ridge Yurts-Day 1

Me and Terry celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary with a trip to the mountains of Bryson City, North Carolina. We stayed at a place called Sky Ridge Yurts. What's a yurt you ask? Click on this link to find out more. We arrived on the afternoon of Aug. 19th to rain and cloudy skies. This is the king bed in our yurt. It was so comfortable. I don't usually sleep well in strange places, but I had no problem falling asleep here.
Our efficiency kitchen.
Another view of the front door of the yurt.
The bathroom had a very nice enclosed slate shower. That's the vanity reflecting in the shower door.
The only chair in the yurt was large enough for both of us to sit in. That's the back door to the right of the chair.
The flagstone fire pit area. This is where we spent all of our evenings on our trip. Thank goodness the weather cooperated for a nice fire each night. There was a stack of firewood provided by the owners of the yurt. We burned a lot of it in three nights. They also had these little primitive chairs which were actually quite comfortable. We took our camp chairs as well. We enjoyed listening to the sounds of the katydids which were deafening
The back door of our yurt.
Terry building the first fire of our trip. The first night we had to dodge a lot of raindrops, but we were determined not to let it spoil our fun. I don't think the temps got our of the 70's during our entire trip.
There were three yurts in all. This is the view from our front porch. Luckily we were the only ones there. We had the place all to ourselves, which was nice!
Surrounded by mountains. It doesn't get any better!
Terry relaxing by the fire the first night of our trip.
This is the view from the back deck. Now we know why they call them "the Smokies." The view was ever changing depending on the weather.

Gratuitous shot of moi enjoying the scenery.
The ceiling of our yurt. It had a retractable bubble top sky light. The skylight made it hard to sleep late in the morning.
Random shot taken by Terry laying on our bed.
Another view of the fire pit area. I'm ready to go back there.

The flag stone pathway on the side of our yurt. Terry loves to build things and he was amazed by the construction of the yurts.
The view toward the parking lot. Day 2 pictures to come!


Kay R. said...

Nice digs!! Great pictures one and all. Beautiful spot. Looks like you all had fun :) I've never seen anything quite like the yurt. Very cool. Looking forward to your other pics!

Jane said...

Very cool! I wouldn't even mind the rain at a place like that! The fire pit is cool. Glad you didn't have other people there sharing your space! The view is beautiful! Looking forward to more!

Kelly said...

Wow! So cool!! Glad y'all enjoyed!!!