Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our darker purple irises are starting to bloom now. We've really enjoyed them this spring. It's funny how the darker irises have a totally different scent than the lighter color irises.  Or maybe it's just me :0)

An update on our tree swallows. They are building a nest in the new birdhouse we put up on our porch post. The male and female have been flying in with nesting materials, plus there little bits of dried grass on the back porch.


Kay R. said...

That's an awesome Iris! We don't have any that color. We need to dig ours up and separate them. We don't get many blooms anymore because they're so crowded.

Jane said...

Such a beautiful flower! The darker purple are my fav. Haven't noticed a difference in scent. Interesting! Glad to hear the tree swallows are building in your new birdhouse! :)

Ann S. said...

I really need to separate our Irises. They are so crowded now. I can't believe we have so many blooms.