Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday In My Backyard

If you look closely through the willow tree branches, you can see a Robin sitting on her nest. This is the first time we've had a bird nesting there. She is very protective and if you get within a few feet she will let you know that she isn't happy.
Daddy Tree Swallow keeps watch from his perch near our back porch. I moved our shepherd's hook closer to their bird house so they can better protect them selves from predators. We had a female Tree Swallow killed on her nest by a House Sparrow a few weeks back.
Mama Tree Swallow peeking out from her nest. She is incubating eggs right now and is spending more and more time inside the bird house. I peeked inside earlier today and there were 3 very small, white eggs. Tree Swallows are known to lay 4 to 7 eggs. They lay an egg a day. Hopefully we will have some babies here in the next week or two.
Our Tulip Poplar tree is in bloom. It bloomed a bit late this spring. I guess because of the unseasonably cool temps we had early on. They are so beautiful! It's the Tennessee state tree as well.
Our hedge row is teaming with honeysuckle. They smell so good! Brings back great childhood memories. I love this time of year and hope your Friday has been awesome! Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!


Kay R. said...

I LOVE all these pictures!! Beautiful back yard. My Friday was busy cleaning porches/deck. I'm pooped! Hope you all have a great weekend!! :)

Jane said...

Sweet birdies! I remember having a robin build her nest on our porch light back before we got rid of the sliding glass door in back. Rough few weeks before those babies hatched! The male tree swallow is so pretty. He has a blue tint in the pic. Love the smell of honeysuckle! :)