Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Timing Is Everything!

I love having a lot of flowers in the garden because they attract bees. In turn the bees reward us by pollinating our garden veggies. It's a win win situation :0) Thought I would update everyone on the baby sparrow that was in a nest in one of our hanging flower baskets. Timing is everything. I happened to be watering our hanging baskets when I noticed our cat, Libby, stalking something in the yard. I immediately knew what she was after. Turns out the baby sparrow had left the nest and was hopping on the ground. I dropped the hose and ran to Libby. I grabbed her up and locked her up in the garage until I could get the baby bird to a safe place. I just hope the mamma sparrow finds him or her. I knew it was a matter of time before the baby left the nest. He or she was way too big for the nest.


Kay R. said...

Is that a bee on that flower or a gigantic spider?
So glad you rescued the baby bird from the jaws of Libby!

Ann said...

It's a very big bee :0)

Jane said...

That's a huge bee!! Glad you rescued the birdie. Hope he made it!