Monday, July 2, 2012


One of the only green patches of grass in our yard this summer is under our willow tree because we've been watering it.

The other green patch is under our Yoshino cherry tree.

Our back yard is dead. Middle Tennessee is 7" below normal in rainfall this year. I thought we might get a little shower last night, but that rain was to the east of us.

My sunflower patch is wilted under the morning sun. At 10:34am, it's already 91 degrees!


Kay R. said...

We were teased with some rainfall this afternoon, but only got a few drops. At least the temps have moderated somewhat. Neil waters our plants at night and sometimes really early in the morning.

Jane said...

Our yard is dead, too. The rain was all around us today but none fell at our house. I love the little green patches under your trees! :)

Ann said...

I can't remember the last time we've had rain here :(