Saturday, June 2, 2012

Two of four baby Tree Swallows residing in our birdhouse this year.
Yes, that big one is a baby if you can believe it. We call him "Hoss"
after the character from the 1960's tv show, Bonanza. The three other
babies are much smaller. Hoss is always hogging the food and is always
fighting to be the first at the opening of the birdhouse. So much so, that
one of the smaller babies got pushed out of the birdhouse today.
Luckily I found "Little Joe" in the driveway. Terry got the ladder, I got
Little Joe and returned him safely to the nest. I'm glad I found him
before our cats did.

The three smaller babies. We've had so much fun today watching them
jockeying for position at the opening of the birdhouse. Mama and
Daddy have been busy all day feeding them.

Daddy Tree Swallow taking a short break on top of the arbor.
If if he thinks you're gettting too close to the nest, he'll swoop
down at you. He's attacked our cat, Libby, a couple of times.


Jane said...

That big one's face is cracking me up! :) So cute! I'm glad you rescued the baby that fell out! I hope they all make it out of the nest! Fun pics!

Ann said...

Thanks, sis! I went back out to check on them this morning and the little one had fallen out of the box again. I'll be glad when Hoss flies the coop :0) He's the one that does the pushing and shoving!

Kelly said...

So cute!! Love watching baby birds! Hoss needs an attitude adjustment!

Kay R. said...

I love these pictures!! So cute. That big one looks like he's ready to leave the nest. Hope the smaller ones survive!