Thursday, June 14, 2012

I looked out our back door this morning and found a deer in our backyard. I grabbed my camera with zoom lens and quietly made my way out to try and get a picture. He looked up at me and froze and I snapped this picture. I love deer, but really hope they don't discover our garden. Soon after I  got this picture, he headed off toward the hedge row and into the field.

I had another nice surprise this morning. After getting some pictures of the deer, I spotted our Tree Swallows who had come back for a visit. They left the bird house over two weeks ago. They sat on the garden arbor long enough for me to get several shots of them. All in all a great morning for photography :0)


Kay R. said...

Great deer shot!! Hope he stays away from your garden! Nice to see the Tree Swallows again :) They must like it at your house.

Jane said...

Handsome deer! I, too, hope he doesn't discover the garden. Cute pic of the Tree Swallows! :)

Ann said...

That was a pretty deer. Maybe I should have referred to it as a she. Not sure though. Terry thought it was a female. Terry's going to get some "deer off" stuff at Lowe's to keep them away from the garden.