Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bye Bye Birdie!

Yesterday morning, our Tree Swallows left to migrate. Terry happened
to see the entire family happily flying around the birdhouse and arbor.
Here's how he described it to me in an email he sent me yesterday morning.

"Those were definitely the babies flying around my head when I went
there. Kinda freaked me out – I was standing in front of the box
looking up
and there wasn’t any sign of the babies. I couldn’t hear
them or see them.
Then out of the blue 4-5 tree swallows swooped
down near the entrance of
the box but didn’t try to feed the one left.
That’s when he started jabbering.
They didn’t do it again but the
momma bird did come back and feed him a
couple of times. It was
like they were all trying to get him to fly out and I
guess it worked
sometime between when I left and when you got up"!
Pretty cool I
got to witness it.

We will miss them, but are pretty sure they'll return to nest in our
box next spring for the 4th year in a row :0)


Kay R. said...

What a great story!! I love it and these pictures. I'm so glad you and Terry got to see them fly away--all of them! What a precious little bird family. I'm sure they'll be back next year :)

Ann said...

Thanks, Kay! They're such sweet little birds. Can't believe they're already gone! They usually don't leave until early July. I think all the hot spring weather sped things up for them.

Jane said...

This is a great story! So glad they all made it. Great pictures! Some nature magazine would love to have these!