Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The battle of the bluebirds and tree swallows continues. The birdhouse in this picture is being occupied by a bluebird couple. They have already built a nest in the box, but try and tell that to the tree swallows. In this photo you can see a female tree swallow poking her head out of the bluebird's house. She was checking it out until the bluebirds came back and ran her off. Terry bought another birdhouse yesterday and we put it up yesterday afternoon. This morning I've already seen two or three tree swallows checking out the new box. Hopefully they will nest in the new box.  We're keeping our fingers crossed :0)


Kay R. said...

I hope the housing situation ends peacefully and with no casualties :) Great picture.

Jane said...

I agree with Kay! I feel sorry for the tree swallows since they've had that place for 2 years. Guess the bluebirds think it's their turn! :)