Friday, April 5, 2013

Jessie's New Do

No, this isn't a lion, it's our 17 year old cat, Jessica. She usually takes pretty good care of her grooming. Her hair got really matted around her chest and neck area. Usually I have been very successful in cutting out the mats myself, until yesterday. My luck ran out and I ended up snipping Jessie's skin along with the mats. I felt horrible! Took her to the vet to get checked out and they ended up giving her what is called a "lion cut." Thankfully she didn't need stitches, but they did glue the cuts to shut them. They also gave her an antibiotic shot. Bad thing is they had to give her anesthesia so they could shave and glue her. It was a long, stressful day for both of us. We ended up keeping her inside last night because it was chilly and she was still under the influence of the anesthesia. Happy to say that this morning she is back to her old self and if it ever warms up I'll be letting her back outside. Her hair will grow back out, but she seems to be enjoying her new do. Moral of the story is don't ever try to remove cat mats with scissors. Always leave it up to the pros :0) A funny side note. When I brought Jessie in from the vets our male cat, Bullet, didn't recognize her with her new hair cut. He immediately bowed up and his tail and the fur on his back was puffed out. It was funny!


Jane said...

Poor Jesse! It looks like you photo shopped her head an another cat's body! :) Glad she made it through ok. I used to have to cut mats out of Toby's fur. Hated that! Would love to have seen Bullet in attack mode! :)

Kay R. said...

Poor baby! She looks so different with her new do. Glad she's going to be OK now. That's funny about Bullet not recognizing her :)

Kelly said...

I snipped Buddy's skin trying to cut his matted fur. Felt awful!!
The same thing happened when we brought Bitsy home with a shave. Biddy would have nothing to do with her until her hair started to grow back.
Hope Jessica heals quickly. She'll enjoy the warm weather next week :)