Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last Day at Ft. Walton Beach

Our last day on the beach began with trucks and men with nets on the beach. Thankfully they weren't here to take us away, ha ha hee hee! Turns out they were fishing tar chips out of the ocean. I found a little tar chip when I got out of the water yesterday. The BP spill was two years ago and this is still going on. It probably will be for years to come.
One of the workers in the water with a net.
We found a couple of noodles in the condo and had a lot of fun floating around the gulf. The water was so calm and pretty yesterday! We ended up staying out all day.
Cute little sandpiper looking for morsels in the sand.

The lunch at Fisherman's Wharf was so good on Thursday, that we decided to go back there for dinner last night. We feasted on grilled scallops, mahi mahi, shrimp and soft shell crab. The day ended with another gorgeous sunset. This picture doesn't do it justice! We were so tired from the beach that we turned in early. We have to check out of our condo at 10 am. I will be glad to get home, especially with Hurricane Isacc knocking on the door.


Jane said...

Sad that the tar chips are still floating around out there. Good to see they are on top of it, though. Cute little sandpiper! When Sarah was little, she saw one and named it "Sherbert". To this day, we call them sherberts when we see them! :) The water looks so pretty & the sunset! oh yeah!! You just can't beat a week at the beach! Praying for a safe trip home!

Kay R. said...

Love love love all these pictures!! So glad you had a great week and escaped the hurricane threat. That sunset pic is awesome!