Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to Destin!

Terry got up early this morning and took these beautiful sunrise shots.
This morning we took a drive 6 miles east to Destin and Miramar Beach. We made a stop at the Margaritaville beach house we rented in May of 2008. It's changed a lot since we were here four years ago. They've added a pool since then.
There was a car from Texas parked in the driveway. This visit back to the beach house was bittersweet! Coming back was something I needed to do. Sad memories were replaced by thoughts of all the fun we had here that week!
After visiting the beach house we made a stop at the Destin Harbor Boardwalk.
There was a huge old Magnolia tree at the entrance.
Hubby Terry posing in front of the Magnolia tree.
Destin Harbor Marina is home of the largest fishing fleet in the state of Florida. It's absolutely gorgeous with lots of shops and restaurants.
Destin is such a beautiful place and it was good to get back there! We plan on heading back to Destin this evening to eat dinner at the Fisherman's Wharf.


Kay R. said...

Ah, Destin. Love it. Beautiful pictures. Glad to see the sun shining! Enjoy your dinner at Fisherman's Wharf!! :) Eat a crab leg and some key lime pie for me.

Jane said...

Gorgeous shots!! Sunrise - best time to walk on the beach. I'm glad you were able to have some happy memories of Margaritaville now. The Harbor is so pretty. Can't wait to see it this Fall, Lord willing. Hope you enjoyed dinner at the Wharf!