Monday, May 21, 2012

May 12 Road Trip

Saturday, May 12, we took a road trip down to Jackson
county TN. Our first stop was Rob Draper Memorial Cemetery
where my parents are buried. My mom passed away three
weeks ago, so this was our first visit to the cemetery since her
funeral. We cleaned up the headstone and placed a flag for my
dad who was a WWII vet.

After we left the cemetery we headed out to the back roads of rural
Jackson county. My mom used to say that Jackson county was
God's country. She was right. It's beautiful! We would love to own
land there!

One of creeks we stopped by to take some pictures.

Everything is so green and pretty. I love spring! More pictures to
come :0)


Kay R. said...

I was thinking about that headstone today, for some reason. I'd like to see it when it's done, I guess. Feeling a bit blue today, missing her. I was at a doc appt this morning, and of course both Patricia and Dr. Staggs asked how I was doing since Mom died. It was all I could do not to burst into tears. She would have loved your pictures of "J County" :) It is beautiful. I love the creek pictures, especially.

Ann said...

Thanks, Kay! I've been feeling blue lately too. Miss Ma big time! They should be getting down there in the next week or so to finish the lettering on the headstone. Will go back and take the little cherub down there. I could only imagine how you felt when they asked you how you were doing since Mom died :(

Jane said...

Beautiful pictures. I would like to go to the cemetery after the lettering done. As I dropped Julia off at ATMS for the last time and had to drive by Morningside, I was thinking of how much I was looking forward to school being out so we could have lunch with Ma. :( I saw Dr. Staggs at Sarah's chorus concert. His daughter was in the concert. He didn't say anything to me about Mom.

Ann said...

I'll let you guys know when the lettering is done. Maybe we could all go down together while school is out? We need to get together for lunch somewhere also.