Thursday, July 31, 2014

DIY Sun Shade

Terry came up with this idea for our latest garden project. I'll let him tell you how we went about doing it.

We recently decided to put a retractable sun shade over our garden patio and two swings to provide some mid-day shade. The challenge was we also needed to be able to retract and secure it when we wanted to build a fire in our fire pit or if there was going to be severe weather or wind. We used 3 copper clad 8 foot long ground rods (the types electricians use to drive in the ground) as “curtain rods” over the top of the arbor secured with copper pipe hangers. We used a 9 foot by 12 foot canvas painters tarp we got at Lowes for the shade and clip-on curtain hangers to hang the tarp on the curtain rods. Provides great shade during the mid-day sun. Turned out pretty good but we’ll be working on improving how we retract, close and secure it this weekend. Then it will be done – check out the pictures! These pictures were taken late in the day so the patio wasn’t shaded.


Kay R. said...

How cool is that?! Very nice. I love it. You've got your own little oasis right in your back yard! :)

Jane said...

I want to live in your garden! :)

Kelly said...