Saturday, February 15, 2014


IMG_6954Terry surprised me yesterday with these beautiful orange roses for Valentine’s Day. Our favorite college football team is the University of Tennessee, so the color was appropriate.

IMG_6955I fixed us a nice Valentine’s dinner of New York strip steaks and baked potatoes. Today, Terry is taking me out for a Valentine lunch at Sammie B’s in Lebanon.

Love is old, love is new, Love is all, love is you ~ The Beatles


Kay R. said...

Gorgeous roses!! Lucky you :) Love the pics and the Beatles quote. glad you posted again ~ been a long long time :)

Jane said...

Beautiful roses! Love the color! :) Glad to see a new post! Hope you had a nice lunch at Sammie B's!

Ann S. said...

Thanks! Not many picture ops lately. Will try to be better about posting. Lunch at Sammie B's was delish. It's in an old mill in Lebanon. They played some great music in there :)