Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sun, Sun, Sun, Here It Comes!

IMG_6871After days of subfreezing temperatures in Middle Tennessee, the ice and snow is finally starting to melt.
IMG_6876Our birdbath is still a mini skating rink.
IMG_6874I was starting to get cabin fever, so I ventured out to capture a few shots of what snow remains in our back yard.
IMG_6883Counting down the days until spring and planting our garden. I’ve missed working out in the yard.
IMG_6884Even the cherubs are ready for spring to get here Smile


Kay R. said...

Wow! Great minds DO think alike :) Love it!! Love all these pics, too, especially the birdbath and the cherubs. I'm glad we're thawing out!

Ann S. said...

Seems like we're always doing that :) I'm glad we're thawing out too!

Jane said...

Nice pics! The cherubs look like they are huddling! Can't wait for Spring (although I do enjoy a nice snow day every now & then) :)

Kelly said...

Cherubs look chilly! I bet they loved today's sun :)