Monday, September 16, 2013

Garden Project 2013

Every weekend for the past three weeks, we have been working on our garden project. We had a garden fence built, a garden path built and a new stamped concrete pad poured in our fire pit area. Yesterday, Trey, our concrete guy finished sealing the pad. We worked hard and have sore muscles, but it was worth it.

Love, love, love our garden path and new planters. Terry did a great job coming up with the idea. We used the decorative rock from our fire pit area for the path. We had just the right amount of rock.

The stamped concrete pad looks like an old cobblestone street. That's the look we were going for and Trey did a fabulous job!

All those little stalks are what is left of our okra plants. I cut them down close to the ground, then pull the stumps up after we have a good frost. I can't wait for spring 2014!


Jane said...

Boy, you guys have worked hard! It looks beautiful! Can't wait to see it live & in person! :)

Kay R. said...

Yeah, what Jane said!! The area looks bigger than it did for some reason. Super job!

Ann S. said...

Thanks! We're proud of it.