Monday, June 24, 2013

Photo Booth Fun on a Friday Night

Some fun shots I took this past Friday with the Photo Booth app on my iPad mini. Our cat, Bullet, looks like a koala bear in this shot :0)
It was off to long time friend Danny's hair salon for hubby Terry's haircut. Sister Jane was in the chair when we got there.
Sister Jane and Danny in X-Ray mode.
Jane in the Kaleidoscope mode. Cool shot!
Me taking a trip through the Light Tunnel.
Hubby Terry in the Light Tunnel.
Danny in the Light Tunnel.
Me and sister, Jane.
The gang looking pretty normal in this shot. From left to right, me, sister Jane, Danny and hubby Terry in the back. All in all a very enjoyable Friday night.


Kay R. said...

I LOVE all these pics!! What fun!! :)

Jane said...

That was fun! Enjoyed being a part of the photo booth! (that light tunnel of Terry cracks me up!) :)

Ann S. said...

Me too :0)