Sunday, December 9, 2012

I just had to share another sunset picture from the other day. I can't remember when the colors where this gorgeous! I never can get enough sunsets or sunrises. Speaking of sunrises, Terry got some great sunrise shots. I'll post some tomorrow.

Bring me the sunset in a cup
Bring me the sunset in a cup,Reckon the morning's flagons up
And say how many Dew,
Tell me how far the morning leaps—
Tell me what time the weaver sleeps
Who spun the breadth of blue!

Write me how many notes there be
In the new Robin's ecstasy
Among astonished boughs—
How many trips the Tortoise makes—
How many cups the Bee partakes,
The Debauchee of Dews!

Emily Dickinson


Jane said...

Really pretty colors! Nice Emily Dickinson poem. I was trying to see if I could figure out the author before I got to the end.

Kay R. said...

I like that poem. And that sunset--that's just beautiful, I don't care who you are.

Kelly said...