Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The one lane bridge over the Standing Stone Lake. I always loved going over this bridge as a kid, and I still do. We spent a lot of time in this park when I was growing up. We would rent one of the cabins for a week and spend most of our time at the swimming pool. So many cherished memories in this park!
Terry taking pictures from the top of the bridge. I took this shot from the little boat dock near the bridge. 
Terry took this picture of me from the top of the bridge.
View from the boat dock. The leaves were so pretty!
Wildflowers near the boat dock.
I took this shot below the dam. They were having the 14th annual Standing Stone car show while we were there. Two Labrador pups are in the foreground. I'm not sure who they belonged to. They followed me around as I took pictures :0)

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Kay R. said...

Love all these beautiful pictures of Standing Stone!! Renting that cabin was so much fun :)